Saturday, August 1, 2009

Introductory/Description Post

Welcome friends! Thank you for stumbling upon my blog... hopefully you stay a while to take a gander around.

This blog has been created as a way to share my personal thoughts, opinions, and rants about various things in pop-culture these days, specifically regarding films, and trends relating to the industry.
I am a self-proclaimed "Film Junkie", and have been known as such ever since I was about 10 years old, watching the Academy Awards, and making opinions on it even then, swearing that one day I would go to the Oscars, not as an award winner or anything, just to BE there and be in that atmosphere! I know, weird dream... but it's been with me for a long time! What have I done to achieve it? Eh, nothing really, but I have named it "Operation: Kodiak Bear" (yeah, I wouldn't ask why, it's a random thing.)

Anywho, you may be wondering why you should listen to what I have to say... And I can't really justify listening to me, I mean as it is now I am a teenage girl from suburbia, but just happen to notice little things when it comes to films and pop-culture that other people sometimes miss out on, that really make a difference to the thing as a whole when it comes down to it!
The fact of the matter is, I am not a professional writer (you can probably tell at the oh-so candid writing and word choices), nor am I old enough to be reputable in ANY industry, but I do have some interesting thoughts, and like to share them with people! Oh... and my friends are growing tired of listening to my rants, so I thought a wider audience might appreciate it more.

All in all, I hope something here strikes your fancy, but just keep in mind that although I try hard to remain objective on a lot of subjects, I am a little biased and nerdy on a few things. I respect the opinions of everyone and will listen to any feedback that is given to me, and please ask if you'd like more information of expansion on anything!
I am but one person, and my opinions may not be yours, but hey! If you don't like them then you don't have to read them... or you can share your own. Just don't get mad at me please?

As soon as I have a little more time (meaning likely tomorrow, as it is late here right now) I will start with my first topic! What will it be on? Haven't decided yet... But here are a few subjects and discussions that will likely be included in this blog in the days to come (so look forward to that! ... I hope. I mean it really depends on what strikes my brain at the time of writing!):
  • The Academy Awards: Nomination Trends and Best Picture Analysis of Past Years
  • Disney: A Money and Marketing MACHINE! (With a Splash of Racism?)
  • Harry Potter Films 1-6: The Good, the Bad, the Differences
  • Skins: Why Other Teen-Dramas Fall Short
  • Sequel Versus Prequel
  • Judd Apatow: Directorial Choices, Both Good and Just Plain Weird
  • Twilight: Let's Look at Both the LOVE It and HATE It Sides of the Story...
  • Typecasting: Is This Really What I Wanted in My Career?
  • I Am Sick And On Medication... What Movie Should I Watch?