Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christian Bale Conflicts Me

Whenever I say someone "conflicts" me, or anything along those lines, essentially what I mean is that I just don't know how I feel about that person.
Actually, I feel that way about a number of people in Hollywood. That is, some minutes you really like them, and other you don't (and for various reasons at that).

One person that has been coming to my mind lately is Christian Bale.
And of course when examining whether or not something is good or not, one will typically make a pro/con type of list.
Shall we? I don't see why not!

There is just something about him that doesn't sit right with me on a personal level... I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that lately the media has been showing less-than pleasant views of him. For example, allegedly assaulting his mother, and infamously going-off on a member of the screw of Terminator Salvation for walking into his shot. That sound byte of his outburst even made our local news!
Essentially, he has been painted as not such a nice guy as a person. But of course, one can never be sure what is completely true in the media these days... Although I'm not so sure any of his stories were made up; it's hard to tell.

Good AND Bad Aspect?
Christian Bale is now notorious for losing weight and gaining weight rapidly for certain roles. Typically, it goes from one extreme to another, such becoming almost anorexic for his role in The Machinist, or bulking up largely for his role as Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan's Batman series.
On the one hand, this can be seen as pure dedication to his work as an actor, and commendable. On the other, it can be seen as almost stupid. I mean, all that pinging up and down, and seeing as for years now he has been dramatically shifting in size from role to role, it can't be healthy for the guy!

The man can put on a great acting performance, and is extremely diverse at that! One has to do nothing more to see this than to compare his roles in films such as American Psycho, to Little Women, to 3:10 to Yuma, to The Prestige. In addition, in his newly released movie The Fighter, Christian exhibits the absolute strength of his acting; he shows his ability to command the screen even as a supporting character. In fact, by showing a clip of the real Mickey and Dick Ward at the end of the film, the audience can really see how spot-on he was with the character.

I guess all-in-all... I really like Christian Bale as an actor, but as a person not so much (even though I KNOW I don't know him personally. It's just what I think he would be like).
And of course, now I leave it up to everyone else to make their own opinions. Do you like Christian Bale? As a person? As an actor?


  1. a mi me gusta muchisimo,. como actor me parece ecepcional, es un actor de metodo como de niro y daniek davis louis, se meten tanto en su personaje que viven por ello y a eso le saco el sombrero, en lo demas tambien me gusta, uno lo ve dedicado totalmente a su familia y el problema con la madre fue por dinero que le querian sacar y el no aflojo, creo que estubo bien y lo de terminator, yo creo que fue exageracion de los medios de prensa, pero si alguien me molesta en mi trabajo reacciono igual, me guta en todo sentido, es fantastico

  2. @anamaseri:
    I totally understand what you mean. It's hard to know what is exaggerated or even true in the media, which is why it's hard to judge what a person is like beyond their work.
    And seeing his body of work, he is without question, a fantastic actor, and incredibly committed to what he does :D