Saturday, April 16, 2011

An Ode to "Crazy Eyes"

*** An anecdotal post on some Crazy-Eyed wonders we all know and love. (Okay, maybe not "all" but you know what I mean.)

Crazy Eyes: "A person with crazy eyes always appears to be having some internal dialogue giving off the impression that he/she is unpredictable or dangerous. Those in the company of crazy eyes are kept on their toes and are often intrigued by this look. The thrill of crazy eyes lies in the fact that you never know what will happen next..."
(Thank you, Urban Dictionary)

Some people just have a knack for Crazy Eyes.
Are these people crazy? No no, certainly not!
Do their crazy eyes make them unattractive? Of course not: you heard the definition, we are drawn to them!
Crazy eyes are not simple, which I know as I have tried and tried again, but to no avail...

Here, I commemorate those who have the keen skill of creating... Crazy Eyes.

"Oh crazy eyes, how I see you glint in the darkness
Sending chills through my spinal column,
Making the world seem far more dangerous
Than once was imagined in the light."
(Yeah, I just made that up on the spot. Poetry is not my strong suit, obviously.)

And now, to wrap up my short and non-cohesive post, I give you, The Crazy-Eyed List of Fame:
(In no particular order. Not all of the photos show the Crazy Eyes to their full extent, so just trust me.)

Inspiration for this post:
Sebastian De Souza
He looked at me with those crazy eyes in "Skins", Season 5, and I couldn't look away. Why is this boy so hardcore, likable, and unnerving all at the same time? And why am I so intrigued by it?
That, my friends, is the power of the Crazy Eyes.

Young Money Murderer:
Alexander Gould
Looks like we've got ourselves an up-and-coming killer on our hands in "Weeds"... (spoiler alert!). You know this boy means business. Especially since he wears earrings too.
Oh my word, I can't look away!

Little with a Lethal Stare:
Elijah Wood
I once read on Pajiba that Charles Manson and Grigori Rasputin had the same eyes. They speculate that Elijah Wood has those same eyes. Not that far-fetched an idea, is it? I mean, how else do you make a Hobbit look like he's addicted to the Ring's power? Or allow a mute boy with glasses make your skin crawl in Sin City?
Excellent work, my lad, now please, look at me with those dashing blue orbs again.
(For the record, "Little" was not meant to be used in a derogatory way. I myself am 4'11''. Actually.)

Glassy-Eyed Maestro:
Sir Anthony Hopkins
I was looking for photos from The Silence of the Lambs, as this epitomized his glazed-over, devious gaze, when I clocked on one that blew up to the size of my screen, and I almost screamed in the dark, it was so terrifying.
Sir Anthony, you are a wonder.
(PS: I think that photo of him is absolutely stunning. Would you agree?)

King of the Crazy Eyes:
Jack Nicholson
You know how in The Shining there is that one long shot of the hotel that slowly drags in to show Jack standing in the window, staring outside with that intense, frightening look on his face? That was literally the scariest part of that movie for me. And that includes the creepy little girls.
You, my good man, are the master of the Crazy Eyes.

To those of you with crazy eyes, I salute you.
(It appears all the people on my list are men... I strongly believe this is a coincidence as I have definitely seen women with a scary look in their eyes before as well).
And now, I ask, what are your thoughts on Crazy Eyes?
Are there any others you deem worthy of our Crazy-Eyed List of Fame?


  1. I just remembered another one: Cillian Murphy!
    Aka, the guy who my mother can't watch in a protagonist role, because she is always expecting him to be evil in some way, simply because of his "creepy" eyes.
    Personally though, I find them pretty sexy. In a crooked kind of way.