Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yes, Andrew Garfield is Skinny, and Yes, Maybe I DO Like It!

*** This is a bit of a rant, so take it with a grain of salt.

It seems like ever since the first promotional photograph of Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spiderman came out, there have been comments and statements surrounding how skinny Andrew Garfield is (ie, "Is this Spiderman an Ethiopian or something?" How offensive). I even just read in my local newspaper --which almost never has things related to pop-culture in it-- about how the writer thought he needed to "eat a few more sandwiches" before he could successfully pull off the character of Spiderman. I just can't help but wonder why many people are having a hard time accepting Garfield as this character?

Are all heroes supposed to be big and buff? Aren't we in a time where anyone could become or be considered a hero? Can only the biggest and burliest be our leading men in action roles these days? I would like to think not.

I mean, Tobey McGuire as Spiderman was maybe a bit more stocky than Garfield, but he didn't really fit the typical superhero build either, being quite a bit shorter than the usual leading-man. But that's the whole thing, isn't it? Different types of men are now being put into these hero-like roles. What about the smaller James McAvoy in Wanted? Or the thin Edward Norton as The Incredible Hulk? You'd think that as long as the person suits the character outside of the Superhero persona, they should be acceptable in the role, seeing as it's the powers that make them strong, not their build.

And that's the whole thing, isn't it? In The Amazing Spiderman, Peter Parker is going to be a high school student, and what boy in high school (besides the football player or other jock) do you know that is big and burly like Batman or Superman?
Peter Parker is a nerd, after all, that just falls upon his powers by chance, so wouldn't it make sense that he is a skinny, awkward little thing?
Also, if nobody has noticed, Garfield is just naturally thin, though by the looks for some of the new photos (seen in Entertainment Weekly) of the upcoming film, he is getting quite ripped! And if anybody knows me, they know that "Skinny-Ripped" is my favorite kind of gentleman's frame.

So yes, Andrew Garfield is a skinny guy, but who says that's not going to be good for Peter Parker and Spiderman? The man is a very talented actor (no seriously, he's amazing), so if anyone can pull off a character, it will be him.
Though frankly, even if some people don't think Garfield fits the role for this film, it doesn't ride entirely on his shoulders, does it? We all know an amazing actor can be brought down by the other aspects of a film, such as poor directing, cinematography, other actors interaction, costume, etc etc.

All I'm saying, is we should give Garfield a chance. He might surprise some skeptical people! though I am completely biased on the subject, as I am personally rooting for him to have a long and successful career.
What about you though? Do you think Garfield is "too skinny" for Spiderman?


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  2. I think that he should gain 20 pounds of muscle...I mean look at the first photo...looks like skinny-man