Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Gratuitous (Pictorial) Display of The Prettiest Lips I Ever Dun' Seen

For the most part, this is just a random list of photos, much like when I celebrated my favorite Hollywood Eyes, or Cheekbones and Jawlines.
So this time I decided to move onto another facial feature for Gratuitous Display... And that is, lovely, kissable lips!

Now, I must admit, I'm not really the kind of girl who will stare at people's mouths. I actually find it kind of weird, but every now and again, you just notice those really really nice lips on people, and sometimes wonder what they might feel like if you were to get to know this person and... Okay okay, you get the point.

I must say, however, that I love smiles, though that can get all mixed up in the whole braces/non-braces, cute snaggle-tooth, not-cute snaggle mess of subjectivity. As can all kinds of beauty (that's a post for another time, maybe...), which makes these gratuitous lists of mine completely personal in the choices of people. I mean, you may be wondering why I don't put the predictable/obvious choice of Angelina Jolie on here? Well, because although her lips are big and many women envy them, I don't find them all that attractive. But that's just me, like I said!
But now I'm getting into a big old rant about the subjectivity of beauty, which I should cut short right now...

For now, let us bask in the beauty of some nice lips, whether they be pillowy, soft, big, pouty, or anything of the sort! And thus, I hereby give you, A Gratuitous, Pictorial Display of the Prettiest Lips I Ever Did See (and/or Want to Sink My Teeth Into).

Gemma Arterton
Known to me under the name of "That pretty girl from The Prince of Persia who I sometimes mix up with that other pretty girl from Cemetery Junction", which leaves everyone wondering who in the world I am talking about! (For the record, the other pretty girl is Felicity Jones). And my my, Gemma, don't we just have the most British of names to go along with those lovely lady lips and flawless skin! I hope to see her in some more diverse roles in the future, but for now, I will just have to make do with staring in envy at those gorgeous features of hers.

Michael Buble
I'm just going to get it right out there and say that at this exact moment I am on a Michael Buble "high". Ever since I went to his concert in Edmonton 3 days ago and just fell in love. "What is it about this man that makes him so sexy?" I thought? Maybe it's the voice, the swag, the suits, the giggly personality... but feature-wise? The lips. Maybe they aren't the biggest, but they sure look soft enough to sink your teeth into, no? But don't let me talk you into it, let him do the convincing!

Penelope Cruz
I'm pretty sure I have an intense lady-crush on this woman. I mean, look at her! She is so gorgeously Spanish and talented, and unlike most other celebrities, named her child something pretty normal (Leo, or so the rumor is). Just look at those lips... If she and her stunning husband Javier Bardem ever invited me over for a party, I would say "Yes" in a heartbeat!

Andrew Garfield
Hands up, who saw this one coming? Yes, I will admit that I'm absolutely enamored by this young gentleman. Everything about him, and like some of the others, his lips may not be the biggest or smoothest or anything of the sort, but they sure do look pouty and irresistible if I say so myself. Oh, and if you haven't seen Boy A yet, Do Yourself a Favor... (and don't forget to check out those pretty soft lips of his while you're at it!)

Tom Hardy
Inspiration for this list? Maybe so. But look at how pillowy! I know, I know, many people are still unaware of who Tom Hardy is, but there was a reason they called him "Handsome Bob" in RockNRolla, you know? I think it was all the "Darling" talk in Inception though, that really won me over... But we're getting off track now. Seriously, I could take nap on those fluffy beauties. And I'm sure you all understand why I call him PillowLips Hardy now, right?

David Kross
At this moment, my family is thinking I have a serious problem when it comes to the boy from The Reader. And you know what? I do. Because it was a beautiful movie and he did a great job. And no, my dear sister and mother, it was not for the full-frontal of the young gent. Actually he looks like somewhat of a doppelganger to me... But more importantly to what we are discussing, just like Andrew Garfield he has those pouty lips. Lucky Kate Winslet, getting to see for herself how soft they are, again and again! Though on the other hand, maybe he is the lucky one in this situation, I mean hers aren't so bad either...

Chord Overstreet
I don't think any list like this nowadays would be complete without "Trouty Mouth" himself. I mean just look at them! Gorgeous and full. Though let me just mention the whole "Chord Overstreet doesn't want to come back to 'Glee'" thing. I honestly don't blame him, I mean as much as I wanted to see where the Sam/Mercedes relationship would have gone (as it was pretty cute), they really weren't utilizing him at all in the last half of the second season, were they? He was just kind of there, and every now and again they would make a joke about his big mouth. His gorgeous big mouth, they should say! I mean, if he wants to work on his musical career rather than just being known as "that kid from Glee" for forever, then good on him! He's a talented singer and musician, and I think given the right circumstances could do very well.

Luke Pasqualino
Didn't Naomi refer to Freddie by saying "You love the lips!" at one point in the third season of 'Skins'? Am I just imagining this? Well anyways, in a show with so much teenage sex and love, especially featuring someone with such big fluffy lips, one can't help but wonder what they might feel like pressed against your own, am I right? Wait, and then he was on 'The Borgias' for a while? Hm, I guess more people have experienced them than you might imagine with such an obscure name in the grandiose Hollywood spectrum.

Chris Pine
They're like, flat but... big, am I right? Okay, no seriously, am I the only one that finds Chris Pine attractive? Because I really do. And I love the voice that comes out of him too, because for some reason, it doesn't match the typical "hollywood action star" voice, yet I love it because he sounds so smart! (Wow, that was a lot of "because"). Anywho, I never really realized how nice his mouth region actually is until recently and I must say... I am intrigued. Oh, go ahead and judge, but remember that you are gandering on this site too, so I'm not entirely to blame here.

Emma Stone
Emma Stone seems to be everyone's lady-love at this moment in time. Men, women, whoever! Everyone loves this girl (seriously tell me of someone who doesn't and I'll show you a liar), but why not? She is beautiful, and sassy, and funny and all that... And although she has some thinner lips, well hey, they look smooth or whatever, don't they? And that's one of those other things about her that is so endearing: she doesn't have the typical, gorgeous features of the classic leading-lady (ie, collagen injected lips) or model bombshell, yet she is absolutely stunning all the time.

And there you have it! My list of some of the prettiest lips I have seen as of late (or the ones I'm most curious to inspect, more like), even though as I said before, I'm not really a fan of looking at people's mouths, I'm more of an eye and cheekbone lady (and smiles, of course!).
But now I leave it to you. Is there anyone else that you personally might have chosen for this gratuitous display instead?

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  1. david kross <3 <3 aaaaaaaaaah german and.. hot