Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dreamcasting Greek Gods/Goddesses: Hermes

Going along with my recent post on "who would be the ideal castings in a movie about Greek Gods and Goddesses, the next I decided to make a choice on was the God Hermes.

Hermes - Messenger God
Characteristics: God of youths, thieves, and movement. A trickster, and one of the only Gods to have been born as a child. Inventor of the lyre, sandals, and fire.

Originally I thought I might want someone like David Tennant to play the role of Hermes, as he kind of has that cheeky, trickster-like quality to him (as well as being kind of weirdly attractive, don't you find?). Also, knowing his character of the wily Doctor on "Doctor Who" it is only suiting that the God who acts as a traveller (not through time, technically, but still) and inventor would be someone like Tennant.

However, considering how Hermes is often portrayed as a God of youth, and is one of the only Gods ever born as a child, Tennant might be a little too old in the age department, as suiting as his persona might be. This led to me thinking that another good actor for this role would be Nicholas Hoult. I know, I know, he was in that disastrous remake of the Clash of the Titans, so why would we let him be in another tale based on Greek myth? But I just find Hoult to be the kind of actor who can play a devilish kind of youthful character. A lot of this probably has to do with his role as the cheeky Tony on "Skins", but it's also those piercing eyes that both draw you in, yet seem like they are hiding something mischievous about him. Can't you just see him bickering with his (also) youthful brother, Apollo, and concocting a brilliant plan to steal his cows, and in the process invent sandals? Because I sure can!
(Okay, maybe that wasn't the best relation, but it's just one of the important myths surrounding Hermes).

And so, I ask what you think? Is there any other actor you might want to see portray Hermes should his character ever be featured in a film?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dreamcasting Greek Gods/Goddesses: Hephaestus

Going along with my recent post on "who would be the ideal castings in a movie about Greek Gods and Goddesses, the next I decided to make a choice on was the God Hephaestus.

Hephaestus - God of Blacksmiths/Metal Working
Characteristics: Crafty, Inventive, Lame.
Hephaestus was considered ugly by Greek standards, as he was on of the only lame/disabled Gods, due to his mother Hera throwing him off of Mount Olympus upon his birth, due to his unappealing appearance. He was able to come back to Olympus, however, because of his wily and creative nature which he used to trick his mother, as well as to gain himself a wife in the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite.

When I think of an actor that would be able to play someone crafty and powerful because of this wily nature, I automatically think of Steve Buscemi, as he is really good at playing those kinds of characters (such as his recent work in "Boardwalk Empire", or his weaselly role in Reservoir Dogs). And, I hate to refer to Steve Buscemi as unattractive, because he seems like such an interesting and nice guy, but he really doesn't confine to the stereotypical "attractive" ideals, does he? That is kind of like Hephaestus, seeing as his mother wanted to dispose of him as soon as she saw that he did not look appealing according to the standards of ancient Greece.

I will also admit that I may have chosen Buscemi for one of the Gods because of a weird fascination and adoration I have with him as of recently... There is no denying, the man is talented, intriguing, and unique, thus a perfect little addition to any ensemble.

And so, I ask what you think? Is there any other actor you might want to see portray Hephaestus should his character ever be featured in a film?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dreamcasting Greek Gods/Goddesses: Artemis and Apollo

***As a part of a series of different Gods and Goddesses to come in the future...

The other day in my Greek and Roman Mythology class, our Prof asked us, if a Hollywood movie were to be made about the Goddess Artemis, who would we want to see play the part?
It was just an idea she had to get us to remember the Gods and Goddesses easier, based on their characteristics.

That made me think, about a lot of the other Gods and I thought it might be fun to cast my own "Olympian/Greek God Movie". I know, I know, we already have a lot of films that absolutely butcher the myths, but that doesn't mean we can't think about who is like each of these characters, right?

My first post on this is going to be about the very Goddess my prof mentioned about this, as well as her twin brother. That is, Artemis and Apollo:

Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt
Characteristics: Strong, Untamed/Wild, Virginal, Young (as compared to the other "adult" Gods).
Carries bows and arrows, hunts, and lives in the wilderness. She is also the protectress of Young Virgins, and is often surrounded by them and Nymphs as her attendants.

When this was first asked, someone in my class said Tilda Swinton would be good for this part. As much as I love Tilda Swinton, I really don't agree with that, mainly based on the aspect that she has to be quite young compared to all the other Gods and Goddesses (though Swinton would definitely address the warrior-like aspects of Artemis).

To me, this would be suited to someone like Mila Kunis, who is good at portraying scrappy, free-spirited young women. Her, or Jennifer Lawrence, who is youthful and beautiful, but can also be incredibly tough and wild, as we saw in her performance in Winter's Bone.

Apollo - God of the Lyre, and Archery
Characteristics: Young, Strong, Proud and Rash.
Unlucky in his pursuits of love, and protector of Ephebes (Young Men) who have not yet entered manhood, like himself.

When I heard that Apollo was a young God that would never be a full "man", and often unsuccessful when it came to love, for some reason I automatically thought of Andrew Garfield. Apollo was Zeus' favorite son, and many Gods were afraid of him at first, so if Garfield kept his growing Spiderman Muscles I would say this would maybe be a possibility. Garfield has a very young looking face so he would suit that aspect, and is very adept at acting especially when he lets loose, so that rash side of Apollo would definitely be able to come through.

Either that, or Joseph Gordon-Levitt, (who actually looks maybe a little like Mila Kunis, right?) because he is also younger, fit, and capable of great acting. Not to mention he has been in multiple movies that involved unlucky romantic situations, so that part of Apollo's character would be quite believable.

And so, I leave it to you: What do you think of these choices? Are there any other actors/actresses you might want to see portray these two Greek Gods, should they ever be featured in a film?
(Hopefully I will get to making more posts such as these featuring Gods soon).