Thursday, October 6, 2011

50/50: A Quick Review

*** I do have a bit of a bias towards Joseph Gordon-Levitt as I am a fan (like many others), so sometimes it sways what I think, but I don't think it did a lot this time. And I understand if you disagree.

Just a quick couple of notes after seeing the film 50/50, Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Anna Kendrick.
If you haven't seen a trailer for it, you can check one out: Here!

I know a lot of people are referring to this as "that cancer movie" but I think it's so much more than that. I really enjoyed it for a number of reasons, and would recommend it to most of my friends! I say "most" because, you know, there are always those with weird/terrible taste, but let's not get into that now...

Quick Notes on 50/50:

1. Clean production and editing. Nothing too weird going on.
2. Great writing and pace. It is actually very very funny, but also heartfelt.
3. All of the actors/actresses in the film shone. Their talents were not wasted, and it was nice to see Seth Rogen drop into some more dramatic moments to go with his lovely grizzly-bear laugh.
4. It didn't laugh in the face of cancer, but it also didn't go down the predictable route of making everything seem like a travesty, or preaching that there is a light at the end of the tunnel (and all that).

I thought this movie was a great blend of showing the different emotions one can go through when facing a terrible illness/disease, etc. I've had close members of my family survive surgeries to remove tumors, but have also lost one to cancer as well, so I have experienced a lot of the feelings that were shown in the film in regards to the family and friends of Adam (the protagonist).

The one sticking point that my sister found in the film was that she thought [spoiler alert!] making Adam's father also have Alzheimer's was a bit overkill, and didn't really add anything, because he barely interacted with him in the film. I thought that it kind of added a dynamic and understanding of Adam's relationship with his mother, but I don't know, that's what she thought and I can see where she was coming from.

In the end, this movie is not a "shit happens, life goes on" comedy about a terrible, common disease. It's about relationships, helping people through tough times, loss, survival, changes, adaptation, family, trust, and everything else. And most importantly, you don't get the feeling that some movie executive is rubbing his hands together gleefully at the thought of gaining accolades for shining such a "light" on this subject. Not, it genuinely feels heartfelt and sincere.

I would definitely recommend this movie.
Have you seen it already? What did you think? Were you also floored by Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear "Glee": Mercedes and Rachel Can Stop That Now, Please

*** Spoiler alert? I don't even know, I don't give away that much really but still...

Some ideas spurred on by Season 3, Episode 3, which was supposed to have been "The Best Episode Yet", but frankly, the producers need to go back, watch the episode Wheels and then talk to me.

Yes, I like "Glee". Don't judge me, I know that it used to be a lot more fun and now it is overly campy and sometimes a little ridiculous, but I don't care. I got sucked in early by the incredibly talented singers on the cast and how it almost felt like it was mocking other teen shows originally. Now? Well, I'm getting irritated by some things. Thus, my postage here! Where else?

Oh Lea Michele and Amber Riley. Both are amazing singers, and I just wish I was half as talented as them. Their characters, however, are getting on my nerves. How many times have they done the "sing-off" thing with one another? At least three now (by the 3rd Season, 3rd Episode). And it seems like they keep being surprised by the talent of the other person singing! "Oh no, Mercedes was better than me, didn't you hear her?" Um, didn't you hear her two seasons ago when she sang "And I Am Telling You"? Yes you did, because you thought the same thing then. Then you hugged each other for your abilities after singing "Take Me or Leave Me". Get over it, you are both amazing.

Though frankly, I think Lea Michele has more of a show-tune voice than a popular-song voice. It just sounds more suited to show tunes, and often more mature in those songs, whereas some others come across as a little screechy. Still, an incredibly powerful voice.

Also, in today's episode (I think it was called Asian F or something like that?), Mercedes kind of went off on Mr. Schuester during their "booty-camp" dance practice for essentially treating Rachel as though she is perfect and asking "Why isn't Rachel here?"
You know what I said not thirty seconds earlier? "You know who should be there? Rachel! She isn't as strong of a dancer as most of the other kids. She has that awkward kind of movement sort of like Kurt does." So really, even though Merecedes could have taken it down a notch, I agreed with her.

What is this really all about? I don't really know, I guess I am just getting annoyed by some things on "Glee". Actually a lot of the time I express discontent at things, but in the end, I know I will keep watching it. It's fun, you don't have to think about it a lot, and as I said before, some of those kids are just so incredibly talented, I can't help but watch them.

So take it with a grain of salt. Take it with a pound or two! And let's just see what else comes to us in the time to come.
And apparently "Glee" is on a break until November now? Doing that stretching out business like last season which made it seem like it went on forever, and was kind of like 2 little seasons? I guess so, but what do I know?