Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Sorry, Random Stranger, but "Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich"

*** A post about an occurrence of the day. A "Random Story" if you will.

Things were getting a little serious around here with all those posts about sexuality. Due to some positive response, however, I will be continuing with that soon, but just wanted to take a break for a quick, frivolous little post here. In fact I am working on something right now to continue the series (after a small chat I had with a friend of mine on the subject), but it's not quite ready yet.
All that being said...

I'm sure it can be seen that I am quite obsessed with cinema, and have some strong likes and dislikes in regards to it. Today, I had a moment where I almost jumped into another person's conversation to argue with them about an actor. However I restrained myself. Here is what happened:

I was waiting for my English class to start today, and had two students majoring in Drama sitting behind me. We had just studied J.M. Coetzee's beautiful novel Disgrace in class, and followed that by watching the film. They stated that they really enjoyed the film, however they "really don't like the actor who played David Lurie. 'That guy' is just not very good in anything."

Oh. Oh this statement snagged me very hard for a number of reasons:

1) "That guy" is named John Malkovich. John. Malkovich.
Saying he is not very good in "anything" makes me believe they had seen him in a number of things yet didn't know who he was still. Alright, so maybe not a lot of people know his name, but shouldn't people that are interested in acting (aka, majoring in Drama) know of more actors than the average person (which I consider myself to be). Especially one that has had a large career on both stage and screen?

2) Speaking of things Drama majors should be aware of, is none other than the fact that John Malkovich is a fantastic actor. He is elegant, dictates beautifully, and has had a successful career not because of his looks, but because of his talent. You'd think that someone who is pursuing acting as a craft would be akin to the skills of an established actor such as John Malkovich.

Yet I restrained myself! I really did, because as I always say, people are entitled to their own opinions. Even if that opinion is very wrong indeed.
Oh yes, that is very biased of me to say, but the whole thing really did take me off guard. If it had been just any other person that I knew nothing about saying these things I likely wouldn't have cared, but it was the fact that I knew that these two people were majoring in Drama-- and should therefore be a little more aware of performing nuances-- that really did not sit well with me.

Why is that? I really can't say. But alas, that is my story of the day.
Has anyone else ever had an experience like that where you wanted to jump into a conversation to defend something you were a fan of? Or for any other reason?
I'll admit, it doesn't happen to me often, which is kind of surprising...